1. The rope course can be used by adults or minors with written parental (or legal guardian’s) permission
  2. Every visitor to the park enter the rope course at their own risk
  3. Every visitor is responsible for their own safety and the safety of all underage visitors in their care.
  4. All the routes are prepared for visitors, whose height is min. 120 cm (route GREEN) or 145 cm (routes ORANGE, NAVY BLUE and YELLOW) due to the level of safety line, where hooking into is obliged.
  5. Before using the rope course, every visitor must comply with all information and instructions placed on the information boards and with all instructions given by the park instructors.
  6. It is forbidden to bring alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants into the park. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants will not be allowed to use park’s attractions.
  7. Visitors who want to use the rope course must sign a statement which is handed out to them with the ticket.
  8. Entering obstacles is possible only after instructor’s permission.
  9. People who suffer from heart disease are not allowed to use the rope course.
  10. The staff is not responsible for visitor’s belongings left in the rope course.
  11. After completion of the course the fall protection equipment must be returned to the staff at the equipment returning point.
  12. The purchase of the ticket is understood as agreement to take part in attractions offered by the Park in compliance with the Park Regulations.

Before you start the course – read the safety regulations!

  1. People who want to use the rope course must wear belaying equipment, which protects them from falling down (harness with longes, carabiners, a pulley and helmet)
  2. Only instructor can put belaying equipment on.
  3. Once the belaying equipment is put on, you can’t change anything within it.
  4. Jewelry, glasses, mobile phones and other belongings mus be adequately secured in order not to pose a threat to owner or other clients.
  5. People who wear long hear should cover it with helmet to protect it from screwing into pulleys or other elements of the rope course.
  6. Carabiners of the belaying longe should be hooked with locks in the opposite directions
  7. When you hook carabiners up, you should check each time whether the lock had been correctly locked.
  8. When moving onto next obstacle you should re-hook individually the first and then another carabiner up to belaying rope.
  10. Hooking points are marked RED.
  11. If there is a mark on a steel rope in another colour, next to te basic red mark, it means that you should hook there a pulley in that colour. You should then attach the pulley to the rope first (do not twist a longe). When this is done, you should re-hook carabiners from a belaying longe in a way that the pulley on the traverse rope goes first. The order is marked with appropriate colours.
  12. During the traverse on a pulley you should hold a pulley longe.
  13. Touching or holding the steel line during the traverse causes a risk of being seriously injured.
  14. The only allowable traverse position is a „sitting” position.
  15. Safety rules:
    1. When you approach the platform you should move your legs up and bend them slightly in order to cushion possible clash with a mattress.
    2. When you stop, you should grab an additional rope of loop to prevent leaving the platform.
    3. You mustn’t grab the line behind the pulley, because it may run into your hand.
  16. During the last phase of the traverse you mustn’t stretch your arms towards the mattress. If you do not stop at the platform, you should wait until you stop and then grab the carrying rope and pull yourself towards the platform with your head placed towards the drive direction.
  17. After the ride on the rope you should stick into the correct order of re-hooking the belaying equipment: first you should unhook one carabiner and hook it to the loop tied to a tree, then you should unhook the pulley and attach it to a handle on the side of the harness. Finally, you should unhook the second carabiner, which is still hooked up to the steel rope and hook it again up to the continuation of that rope.
  18. Stay calm, when you move along the rope course.
  19. Do not jump on obstacles or swing on those which are not designated to swinging.
  20. One person only is allowed to cross the obstacle at the time.
  21. Maximum 2 persons are allowed to stay ay the platform.
  22. In case of any problem like loss of strength or giving up – call rope course stuff and you will be safely brought to the ground.
  23. During your stay at the rope course you should follow all instructions of rope course staff.
  24. Damaging the elements of rope course is forbidden under penalty or perjury.
  25. All accidents and injuries must be reported to the rope course staff immediately.
  26. If you fail to obey any of the park regulations, you will be dismissed from the rope course unconditionally.