The park has been designed and built according to the relevant safety standards.

Each participant shall partake in personal coaching and shall receive a set of certified belay equipment. All activities are carried out under the supervision of experienced and qualified instructors.


Instructors of our rope course have been trained at a special course arranged by the Polish Alpine Association (PZA). Every instructor is certified by the PZA. Usage of our safety equipment (helmet, safety belt) is mandatory for our customers and is free of charge.


We use top quality equipment created by PETZL. Nowadays PETZL’s equipment is used by many professionals for jobs performed at height.

Similar equipment is used in alpine climbing as well – it guarantees safety and helps moving. PETZL’s equipment has ISO 9001 certificate. It means that the company meets all of quality conditions during all production steps. All equipment and ropes used in our parks have safety attests.

Our park has safety certificates of the PZA (Polish Alpine Association) and the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).